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Three Card Poker

Poker has jumped into the American fore front over the last few years. Poker has always been a popular game here in the states but recently the game has taken to another level. The most popular game has been Texas Hold’em but other games have seen increased attention to them. One game that has made a charge lately has been three card poker. This is because the game of three card poker can stress even the most veteran player’s nerves. You might hear the game being referred to as tri-card poker or guts.

The maximum amount of players that can play is 10 and you should have a minimum of 5 players. The more amount of players the better with three card poker. Before the cards are deal each player has to place an ante into the pot before the game begins. Each player will be dealt three cards. Off this hand players must decide if they are going to play or fold the hand. As it is difficult to get a good hand with three cards you will see the majority of players folding each hand. This also means even a low pair can be a very strong hand in three card poker.

If everyone folds the pot will be moved on to the next round. When only one person plays that person will win the hand regardless of the strength of their hand. You will find that the pot will build up quickly since players to do not receive any more cards after the first three. This is what starts striking the nerves of veteran players.

There are two different versions of three card poker that are played. The first version you might run into is the game called Survivor. When more than one player does not fold in Survivor the player with the weakest hand must player must pay the pot amount back.

The second version of the game that is played is called Monte Carlo three card poker. In Monte Carlo everyone who plays and loses has to pay into the new pot. This way to pot can be small to large each hand. The pot size will depend on the amount of players that decided to play in the previous hand. The pots often will keep staying up once a large pot is had. This is because more and more players will stay in for larger hands.

This should give you an overview of how three hand poker is played. As you can tell the game in general is simple but in actual play the pot sizes can increase very quickly. This leads to many players playing with lower hands than they would think to because of pot sizes. Three card poker is one of the games that has taken an emergence because of online play. Just go and check to see if your online casino has the game and give it a shot.