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If you have ever walked into a casino you probably have seen Keno played. Keno is a lot like the lotto. In Keno there will be 80 balls numbered 1-80. During each round the casino will draw 20 of these balls and display the numbers. The player’s goal is to have the numbers that the casino selected. You often see this game played in a lounge area of a casino. At some casinos you will also see runners who go around the casino collecting tickets and then delivering the winnings to people after the game. In the larger casinos you will see display monitors placed around the casino for people to keep track of the winning numbers.

Keno by no means is a new game. The game came to the United State in the 18th century has Chinese were coming over to work on the railroads. Throughout the last 200 years the game has become very popular. This is because it is simple to play and the payouts can be very large if you win.

When a player goes to play they will get a blank Keno card. After the numbers are selected they need to make a wager. You need to select at least 4 different numbers but no more than 10. For each number you select this will be considered a spot. Once the game has started 20 random balls will be selected out of 80 balls in the hopper. Depending on how many numbers a player selects and how many are chosen out of the 20 there will be winners. Each casino will have different minimum bets. Some online casinos go down to as little as $.05.

Some people swear that there are strategies to improve the odds of winning at Keno. Some say you need to watch the board and not play the numbers that have just been play. They say that there are less chance of duplicate numbers to be played. Some stay that you need to play multiple rounds with the same numbers. By playing the same numbers over and over again you increase the odds of the numbers being selected. No matter what you think playing Keno should be played for fun instead of believing you will win each time.

The odds to get one number right in Keno is 0.25%. The house takes odds of 30% in Keno. So you can tell that the house is not worried about large losses with Keno. Keno is a game of chance with long odds. These long odds increase the payouts. With low bets you can walk away with a large chunk of change in your pocket. This is what keeps players coming back. It is a lot like the draw to slots. Low chance of success with high payouts keeps players coming back.

You can find Keno at most online casinos. The only difference is that you will be able to select your numbers and the game will start right away. Also you can run your hand over 10, 20, or even a 100 rounds to see if you win.