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At any casino craps will be one of the more popular games. Craps is a game of complete luck that will fill the casino with more excitement than you could ever imagine. Just like all casino games craps has made its way into online casino world. When you play craps online you will notice two things at first. First it goes faster than you expect. Secondly it looks more complicated than it actually is. Let us take a look at the game so we can you comfortable next time you have the urge to play.

We will start off with you having the dice in your hand. If you are rolling the dice you are called the “shooter”. On your first roll you will be rolling the come out roll.

If on the come out roll you roll a 7 or 11 the round is finished and you win. On the other hand if you roll a 2, 3, or 12 that’s Craps and the round is finished and you lose. If you hit any other number you set the point. The main purpose of the come out roll is to set the point. This is the true basics of the game now we will move on how to bet on the game.

The first bet to learn is the pass bet. You will place this bet on the pass line before the come out roll. If the round continues after this roll you will be betting that the shooter will roll the point again. This needs to happen before they roll an Out 7.You can also place bets on the don’t pass line. This is the exact opposite of betting on the pass line.

There are also come and don’t come bets that are like the pass and don’t pass bets. These bets occur after the round is in progress. The rules are the same after the bet is placed the next roll becomes the come point.

Those are the easiest and best chance of winning bets. You also are able to bet a place number bet. This is when you bet a specific number will be rolled before a 7. This is when you hear the terms hard 10, hard 4, hard 6 and more. These bets have lower odds but have bigger payouts.

The lowest odds on the table are the proposition bets. These bets also have the highest payout. This is when you bet the next roll will turn out to be a specific number. There are a couple of these you can choose from.

I recommend if you are interested in craps to watch a few hands before you start with your own money. Getting the feel for the game is critical. Stick with betting the pass and don’t pass bets before you move on. These bets will give you the best odds and keep you in the game as you keep learning.