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Caribbean Poker

There are numerous versions of poker that have made it across the globe over the years. Almost every versions of poker has some roots to five card stud. Caribbean poker is no exception to that rule. Caribbean poker is unique in that you play against the house instead of other players that the table. This takes out all attempts to bluff and deceive other players. For some that takes the fun away and for others that is part of the fun.

First thing you need to do when playing is to make the ante before the cards are dealt. Each table will have a minimum and a maximum bet that you can make. You can also find some Caribbean poker games being played with a progressive jackpot intertwined with it.

You will then be dealt 5 cards that no one will see. The dealer than deals himself 5 cards showing the players of the table one of those cards. From this card players will have to determine to play or fold. If a player folds they will lose their ante to the pot. If the player decides to press on they will be required to match the ante with the call bet.

After this bet is laid the dealer will reveal his four cards to the rest of the players. The dealer is required to have a hand strength of at least at a King with an Ace. If the strength is lower the dealer will be required to pay a push bet to the players. If the player has the higher hand when the dealer stays in they will win the ante and the call bet.

Caribbean poker is more often found online than at offline casinos. One of the reasons for this is that often the game has a progressive jackpot linked into this. If a player wants to participate in the progressive jackpot they will need to make a side bet before the start of the game. The side bet will vary from casino to casino but usually is $1. Depending on the casino they will set the requirements to win the jackpot. Usually this is one with a royal flush to win the entire jackpot. Often times you will get a percentage of the jackpot for having a strait flush, four of a king, full house or a flush. The percentage will change from casino to casino but usually that amount is around 10% for any of those hands.

The progressive jackpot will increase with every bet made into. There will be a starting amount that the casino will place into the jackpot from the start to make sure it is worth winning.

I have not found Caribbean poker at many land based casinos. I have noticed it becoming one of the more popular poker games at online casinos. This is probably because of the progressive jackpots players can win.