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Online casinos have become very popular and very controversial. With online casinos now people can access their favorite online games from the comfort of their homes. With this many games have had a form of revival. One of these games has been baccarat. Baccarat was once a fading game from casinos but it has been making a comeback as of late. Many believe that is because it was one of the first games players started to enjoy while playing online. Baccarat once was once considered a game of kings and queens but no longer.

Baccarat is actually a very simple game for players to play and enjoy. The simple goal of the game is to get cards in a set of two or three that has a closer value to 9 than the bankers set of cards does. Each card has value that will make up the final number.

The numbering system in baccarat is a little different than most card games you probably have played before. So if you ever watched a game of baccarat and couldn’t figure it out that was probably the reason.

Instead of face cards being tens like in most card games they are valued at zero. So is the card number 10. An ace still counts as a one but cannot be counted as an 11. At first you will be dealt 2 cards. If the amount is higher than 10 the amount will be then subtracted by 10 to get the final amount. An example of this is if you have two 9’s that would equal 18 but you would have to subtract is by 10 and your final amount would be 8 which is a very strong hand. In some instances a 3rd card will be dealt to the player. This happens when they players final amount after the first two cards is between 0-5. For banker the 3rd card is automatic if the value is 0-2. When the banker draws a hand with the values from 3-6 the players hand will determine if they need to be dealt another card.

Like most casino games the cards are dealt from a shoe of multiple decks. At most online casinos the amount of decks in the shoe will vary between 6 and 8. You will be required to make a bet before the cards are dealt. At this time you can bet on your hand or the dealers being closer to nine. You can also bet on there being a tie. The payout odds will be higher when the cards result in a tie.

As you can tell baccarat is an easy game to learn once you have numbering system down. The odds are actually one of the better odds you can find at any casino game. You also will be able to get many hands in during the hour which makes it attractive to many players.